Day of Prayer 

2015 Day of Prayer: May 1 

Pray with us, pray for us, pray for our world! Help celebrate Mennonite Mission Network’s Day of Prayer on May 1 and join us in prayer for the mission and ministry of each person, congregation, conference and Mennonite Mission Network.

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What to pray for

The Prayer Vine is a monthly calendar that gives you daily reminders of concerns that our mission workers have requested prayer for. Prayer Vines may be downloaded for free.

Our Mission Banks tools are designed to help children learn about God’s work in locations around the world. These resources can help encourage children to pray for others around the world. Download your own Mission Bank tools here.

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How to pray

...Any way you want! A few ideas include:
  • Set up a 24-hour prayer vigil, inviting people to commit to prayer for a block of time. Download a sample 24-hour schedule in Word.
  • Have people complete prayer cards to send to mission workers or service participants.
  • Hold a prayer service at your Bible study, school, or church. Download: Sample morning worship service. Download Sample worship service.
  • Go on a prayer walk.
  • Light a candle at your desk, to focus your thoughts on prayer.
  • Make a collage of pictures to remind you to pray for those people.
  • Invite a small group of people to your home for a Mission Network evening. Pick a specific country where Mission Network works. Read about the country and what the mission workers are doing there. Share a meal together from that country and pray for the mission workers.
  • If you have Mission Network service participants in your city, invite the members of the unit to dinner and have a time of prayer for their work.
  • Invite former service participants from your congregation to share their stories, either at church or at a meal, and then pray for the ongoing work of Mission Network service programs.
Make and upload a video our Facebook or Twitter page. Some questions you might answer in your video include:
  • How do you pray?
  • Why do you pray?
  • How does prayer impact your life?
  • View others’ videos for more ideas.


 Getting started

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How do you pray?
See how others are praying.

 Learn more

Help in growing a strong network of support for Mission Network staff, international workers, and voluntary service participants.
A prayer directory that provides an overview of Mission Network ministries, workers, partners and volunteers.
Daily prayer requests from our workers around the world

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