Bopaganang Basha Ba Semoya 

Bopaganang Basha Ba Semoya began in 1985 as a youth group comprised of members of African-Initiated Churches (AICs) in Francistown. As a youth group, they have been involved in Francistown and surrounding villages through outreach with those suffering from HIV/AIDS and through conducting Bible studies. They also have participated in an AIC-related Bible camp in Swaziland each year. Recently, the Bopaganang Basha Ba Semoya has evolved into a center to include counseling, Bible studies, drama group and outreach, as well as a "drop-in." The drop-in is a community center with a recreational facility.

Mennonites have worked in partnership with Bopaganang Basha Ba Semoya since 1987, helping with the Bible studies and logistics. Mennonites have also been involved with some financial contributions to the operation of the center, for the coordinator's stipend, and subsidy for the Bible camp in Swaziland.


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