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Join a community.  Rochester is a vibrant city with a history of social activism, with lots to do.  Outdoor activities and cultural events abound through four robust seasons.  Like many American cities, Rochester also features a variety of social problems:  profound racial divisions, extremes of wealth and poverty, “food deserts” in low-income neighborhoods, unequal access to health care and troubled public schools.  The primary goal of the Rochester MVS unit is to form relationships in our community, in an effort to address these social issues through solidarity and service. 

The Rochester MVS unit is located in a mixed-income, racially diverse neighborhood in the southwest quadrant of the city, close to several households from Rochester Mennonite Fellowship.  MVSers take city transportation, bike or walk to their service placements. A unit car is available for shopping and unit activities. 

Join a congregation. MVSers are invited to join Rochester Mennonite Fellowship, a congregation that seeks to follow Christ and promote peace and justice in the city and around the world. Many of our members have chosen vocations that live out these principles, and many of us have experience in various forms of Christian service, both domestically and abroad.  The congregation enthusiastically supports and engages with the MVS unit and its mission.

Join a cause. By building relationships, social issues can be addressed through solidarity and service. Invite Christ to work through you as you serve in the following possible areas: restorative justice, conflict mediation, urban food justice, education, and health care.

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