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Carlsbad  New Mexico 

Carlsbad is a small town in southeastern New Mexico. The climate is dry and mild. The famous Carlsbad Caverns are close by, as well as other recreational activities, including affordable golfing. The local Mennonite church is small, so it offers many possibilities to become actively involved.

Volunteer opportunities in Carlsbad include:

  • CARC Farm, a local organization that serves people with various kinds of disabilities. It is designed for the residents to do some work under close supervision. SOOP volunteers have been involved in building repair and painting, working in the greenhouse and in the "bargain" store.
  • Boys and Girls Club, 575-885-8449, 1602 Fox St., Carlsbad, NM 88220.
  • Habitat for Humanity. Contact Pat Donovan at 575-302-8611.
  • Lakeview Nursing Home, visiting residents, providing piano or other instrumental accompaniment, working with activities directors in crafts. Contact Kenni Barnet, 575-885-3161, 1905 W. Pierce, Carlsbad, NM 88220.
  • Living Desert State Park, a national park where volunteer participation has been at the receptionist desk, feeding animals, cleaning animal cages/buildings, hauling in donated produce from grocery stores, and in the greenhouses.
  • Public Library of Carlsbad.
  • Soup Kitchen Carlsbad, helping to prepare meals, washing dishes, general cleanup.
  • Jonah's House food pantry, sorting food and filling boxes. 
  • Transitional housing. 
  • Golden Services. 
  • General home repairs, including painting, plumbing, masonry and carpentry for widows/widowers, the elderly, and hospice patients. Generally, materials are provided, although occasionally we have helped provide some materials.

Lodging: RV parks and long-term motel arrangements are available. Opportunities run from Christmas through March.

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