Discover Groups - Miami States/10/Discover Groups - MiamiDiscover Groups - Miami<p> ​Discover Group participants spend time serving with a variety of local agencies and ministries and learning through evening speakers and activities. The experience is about more than preparing a meal at a soup kitchen or playing with children at a day camp. It is an opportunity to work alongside local community members, to learn from local leaders, and to listen to the stories of neighbors, clients, and churches. </p><p> <strong>Miami</strong><br> DOOR Miami Discover participants serve the communities surrounding Miami: Little Havana, Overtown, Wynwood, and Little Haiti. Discover participants will serve with agencies across Miami-Dade County. We provide opportunities to work in: </p><ul><li>Homeless shelters</li><li>Transition housing organizations for men at the end of their prison sentence</li><li>Human trafficking related organizations</li><li>Organizations that work with adults with disabilities</li><li>Immigration advocacy organizations</li></ul><p></p> <div class="ExternalClassFD0D24D0CF9A41629045168AE9718D84"><p>​Discover group participants must be 13 & older. If you would like to include youth under 13 in your group, please contact DOOR first. Weeklong groups can accept 6-70 participants; weekend groups can accept 6-45 participants. </p></div>