Regional Mission Intern (PROMINOA)

PROMINOA (Programa Misionero al Norte Argentino) -- Argentina

3-month to 2-year terms
Ages 18+
International Ministries



Needed: Flexible

Function: PROMINOA (Programa Misionero al Norte Argentino), based in Buenos Aires, seeks interns to be a part of their Buenos Aires churches and participate in their youth ministries. Specific roles could vary based on gifts and experiences the volunteers would bring. Some possibilities include informal English teaching and support for youth and young adults seeking freedom from addictions.

Term: Preferably 1-year internship or longer assignment

Language: Some knowledge of Spanish and a readiness to learn more

Position Specific Qualifications: Some college; Interest in youth and/or children helpful; Desire and willingness to learn Spanish. In order to strengthen an existing partnership, ideal if from North Central Conference, but there would be flexibility to consider others as well.​



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