Regional Mission Intern (VEMZO)

VEMZO (Visión Evangelistica y Misionera de la Zona Oeste) -- Argentina

3-month to 2-year terms
Ages 18+
International Ministries



Needed: Flexible

Function: VEMZO (Visión Evangelistica y Misionera de la Zona Oeste) was affirmed as a regional mission program by the Argentina Mennonite Church in 2002. A formal partnership now includes four Atlantic Coast Conference churches. Groups from ACC and Argentina visit each other in alternationg trips to deepen relationships between partners through firsthand experiences of one another's contexts, review and learn from one another's practices and stimulate deeper spiritual bonds and prayer for one another.

Term: Preferably 1-year internship or longer assignment

Language: Some knowledge of Spanish and readiness to learn more.

Position Specific Qualifications:
Some college; Desire and willingness to learn Spanish. In order to strengthen an existing partnership, ideal if from Atlantic Coast Conference, but there could be flexibility to consider other as well.​



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