Teachers of Bible, Theology, and Leadership Development

Latin American conferences -- Argentina

3-month to 2-year terms
Ages 21+
International Ministries

 ministries/Argentina/10/Teachers of Bible, Theology, and Leadership Development

Needed: Flexible

The Latin American conferences which relate to Mission Network are working hard on leadership development and in general have ongoing interest in the participation of Anabaptist professors from other countries. Professors teach courses that help students study/read the Bible with Anabaptist understandings and prepare them for teaching and leadership responsibilities. Short courses may fill a specific need or a longer-term position may develop. There is a growing interest in the region in sharing materials to develop stronger programs. A person with curriculum development background could be very helpful in a number of countries and/or in a traveling role. While only Colombian Mennonite Church has written a job description, when interest is expressed in this kind if ministry involvement, we can explore specific possibilities with partner churches and institutions.

Term: 3 months or more

Language: Fluent in Spanish

Position Specific Qualifications: Experienced professor; Anabaptist theological commitment​



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