Community Development Liaison

ONG Bethesda -- Benin

3-month to 2-year terms
Ages 21+
International Ministries

 ministries/Benin/10/Community Development Liaison

Work with ONG Bethesda in program development and capacity building in the areas of health, community development, agriculture, education, sanitation and recycling programs, restorative justice and more. Work with partners to develop action plans, locating tools and resources, networking, providing logistical support.

Qualifications: Related degree; international experience; facility in working with people; enjoyment of teaching; flexibility. Basic understand of Anabaptist theology. Regular participation in an Anabaptist faith community.

Term: Two to Three years

Language: French (language study provided)

Internships: Internships are available at this placement but would center on learning vs equipping. Functional French is required for internships.



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Constituent ID: 10