Catalonia - Spain

Community Intern

Barcelona Anabaptist Center -- Catalonia - Spain

4 - 6 months to 1 year
Ages 18 - 30
International Ministries



The Barcelona Anabaptist Center includes an intentional faith community for young adults. The residency program centers around a discipleship program that is primarily oriented towards folks wanting to take a gap year before college, those seeking an opportunity to do their internship (ministry and non-ministry), and/or those desiring to learn Spanish. Most non-EU residents would come on a student visa and be expected to attend a language school as they also develop an understanding of incarnational ministry.

As program participants become acclimated, staff will work with them to identify ways they are uniquely equipped to serve the neighborhood and/or local church community. Those doing internships can submit a proposal before coming to ensure it's a good fit.

Those participating in this program do so with the desire to better understand postmodern ministry. This is done through holistic spiritual formation that extends across spiritual, cultural, physical, emotional, and intellectual dimensions.


High School degree or equivalent, fully vaccinated against COVID-19, willingness to live communally



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