La Prairie Mennonite Church Community Worker ministries/France/10/La Prairie Mennonite Church Community WorkerLa Prairie Mennonite Church Community WorkerLa Prairie Mennonite Church<p>​</p><p><strong>Description</strong>: La Prairie Mennonite Church, located in eastern France, has a vision to embody a holistic mission that focuses on all the needs of human beings. They are engaged in their community in social, relational and spiritual ways, and invite mission workers to join them. Possible activities and services include:  </p><ul><li>The Maison d'Accueil de la Prairie—offering temporary accommodation for families or singles in emergency situations. Workers can work alongside volunteers at the daily "open house" every afternoon providing hospitality to street people and refugees.</li><li>The Maison Blanche—this is a project working with children one Saturday a month, plus camps at Easter and in the summer; selling clothing at very low prices one Friday a month; tutoring students afterschool</li><li>Evangelical Scouts of France—work as a facilitator</li><li>At the La Prairie Church—serving in the café/tea room/bookshop; afternoon leisure activities; welcoming at the Mennonite Archives; organizing meals and hospitality on Sundays</li></ul><p><strong>Term:</strong>  6 months to 2 years</p><p><strong>Language:</strong>  French (some language instruction available)</p><p><strong>Qualifications</strong>: Committed Christian, willing to participate in the life of the church, ability to work in an intercultural context and with a multicultural team, motivated and willing to grow, humble attitude of service.</p>