Prai lude Cafe Volunteer

Eglise La Prairie Mennonite Church -- France

6 mo to 2 yrs
Ages 21+
International Ministries

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Prai'lude Café is part of the La Prairie Church's program. In the desire for holistic service, the church was expanded and renovated with the vision to be a true place of life throughout the week. 

The café is open afternoons for people who suffer from loneliness or are in a spiritual search. The Prai'lude Café was opened to allow meetings for the many activities that are organized at the café (gymnastics, knitting, cooking/pastry workshop, mandala, mycology workshop, English). Themed evenings are also organized and the café is open the first Saturday of the month.

Position description:
- Set up the different elements at the opening of the café
- Greet the customers of the café in a pleasant manner
- Prepare and serve drinks and pastries
- Count the cash register at the closing of the café
- Clean and tidy up after closing the café

The opening hours of the café are from Tuesday to Friday from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm with an extension until 10:00 pm on Friday evening. Additional openings depend on events in the church.
The service is always done in pairs with another volunteer from the church. The café is closed for the month of August each year.

Additional hours outside of café hours are required for preparation and cleanup, which vary according to need and demand.

- Committed Christian
- Participates in the spiritual life of the church
- Adheres to the vision of the church
- Ability to work in an intercultural context
- Ability to work in a multicultural team
- Motivated and willing to grow, with humility

Language study can be arranged for longer assignments but French speaking is a requirement for short-term assignments.



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