SEMILLA Guest House Host

SEMILLA -- Guatemala

3 mo - 6 mo
Ages 21+
International Ministries

 ministries/Guatemala/10/SEMILLA Guest House Host

Position Description: SEMILLA is the Latin American Anabaptist Seminary. Although located in Guatemala, SEMILLA provides Bible Institute and seminary level programs for students from about a dozen conferences in Central America and Mexico. With on-line education capacity now, students from around the world can participate in some learning opportunities. A guest house Casa Emaús and a language study program CASAS (Central America Study and Service) provide needed services and income for SEMILLA. Serving in the host/hostess role includes welcoming guests and students, supporting Guatemalan staff in meeting their needs and providing some orientation to SEMILLA and Guatemala. In addition to general responsibilities, there are opportunities to help with a wide range of work at SEMILLA according to the gifts of the mission workers. This could include teaching seminary courses, teaching English, helping with the library, assisting with technology, cooking, cleaning, sewing and more. (Due to the impact of Covid-19, there may be a delay in the availability of this assignment.)

Language: Basic knowledge of Spanish is important, with the opportunity to learn more by studying in the CASAS program.

Position specific qualification: Relational skills to communicate and work well with both international visitors and Guatemalan staff. Commitment to SEMILLA’s mission. 



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