Hong Kong

English Teacher

Hong Kong Mennonite Church -- Hong Kong

3-month to 2-year terms
Ages 21+
International Ministries



Position description:
Strengthen the missional capacity of the Hong Kong Mennonite Church by building relationships and teaching English in two small social service centers in two different areas of Hong Kong that serve grassroots families who cannot afford regular payments. One center is close to a Christian primary school, and the other is close to a non-Christian secondary school. The candidate will teach one and a half to two hours, four to six  times a week. Also, join Sunday worship services and the youth meeting, depending on age and interest.

Term: One to three years

Language: English

Maturity and life experience; teaching experience required; ESL training would be an asset. (Less-experienced English teachers are also needed in China, but must commit to a minimum of two years.) Must be a member of a Mennonite Church USA congregation.​



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