Community Development Worker

Mennonite Church Kenya -- Kenya

1-3 months; possibly up to a year
Ages 21+
International Ministries



Does walking alongside ministries that have a vision of a socially and economically empowered society dwelling in shalom and free of gender disparities resonate with you? Can you imagine learning from and offering your gifts and skills to an Anabaptist based ministry among women, youth and children in Kenya? If so, keep reading!

The Angolo Community Development Centre (ACDC) promotes women and youth empowerment through spiritual formation and leadership education, livelihood skills training, IGA initiatives, and savings and credit programs. They facilitate multiple community development initiatives such as:

Goal 1--Women in Missional Leadership. Create safe, secure and friendly spaces for women to share and counsel, and access leadership in faith communities.

Goal 2--Women Empowerment and Health Initiatives through IGA, water, sanitation,healthy nutrition and HIV/AIDS prevention

Goal 3--Early Childhood Education and Rights Advocacy. Supporting orphaned, vulnerable and disadvantaged children including interventions aimed at protection and giving the children a wholistic foundation for life.

Goal 4--FGM/EFM and Women Empowerment Project Kajiado County. Through economic empowerment, the Maasai women are given a voice against FGM/C. With the ability to control their own resources, the women are able to bargain with the community on decision affecting their lives and their daughters. 

  • Education in the fields of community development, social work, peace and justice, health care, education or related fields
  • Some experience in related work helpful, but not necessary
  • Understanding of Anabaptist values
  • Volunteer spirit
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Must be 21+ years of age



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