Medical Advisor

JCS International -- Mongolia

Flexible Term
Ages 21+
International Ministries

 ministries/Mongolia/10/Medical Advisor

Needed: Flexible

The Medical Advisor needs to be available to examine and give medical advice to Joint Christian Services staff and employees and to others in the broader missions/Christian community in Mongolia, and either treat or refer them to others for treatment. Investigating medical opportunities for other volunteers, keeping records and medical supplies up to date and coordinating with medical services, institutions and personnel in Mongolia are other responsibilities attached to the position.

Term: 3 months or longer

Language: English (Mongolian would be helpful, but not required)

Position Specific Qualifications:
Medical doctor, nurse, or physician’s assistant with experience in treating minor illness or injury and the ability to advise people with more serious problems where and how to seek medical attention. Helpful to be a member of a Mennonite Church USA congregation.​



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