Elementary Education Teacherhttps://www.mennonitemission.net/Serve/placements/international ministries/Nigeria/10/Elementary Education TeacherElementary Education TeacherThe Mennonite Star Primary School<p> <strong>Position description:</strong><br>The Mennonite Star Primary School solicits assistance in the form of a fraternal worker who would work with the school and with Mennonite Church Nigeria (MCN) to increase the quality of education provided by the school. Each year, there are approximately 45 students enrolled. School is held in the Odiok Mennonite Church building, the interior space of which is divided by partitions to provide space for the different classes.<br>The worker assigned to work with this school would report to both MCN and Mennonite Mission Network and might provide assistance in the following areas depending on their skills, qualifications and experience:  </p><ul><li><p>Curriculum development</p></li><li><p>Training and/or professional development for staff</p></li><li><p>Classroom teaching</p></li><li><p>Investigation of educational standards in Nigeria, and the development of plans to meet such standards.</p></li><li><p>Investigation of the working relationships between schools in the region and international partners, and the development of proposals for partnership initiatives between Mission Network and other North ​American partners with this school or similar MCN projects.</p></li></ul><p> <strong>Ter</strong><strong>m:</strong> 1-2 years</p><p><strong>Language:</strong> English; French is an asset</p><p><strong>Qualifications:</strong><br>Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education; experienced teacher preferred; Anabaptist theological commitment.​</p>