Community Development and Discipleship Worker

Indigenous health and church support -- Senegal

3-month to 2-year terms
Ages 21+
International Ministries

 ministries/Senegal/10/Community Development and Discipleship Worker

Date needed: Flexible

You will join local Senegalese community development facilitators in developing program responses to health, economic, social and spiritual needs. Your work will be based out of a clinic in St. Louis with visits to surrounding villages. University students have begun discipleship cells in the villages, and you will be invited to join their work in walking with new Christians. 

Position specific qualifications:
Bachelor's degree in health, social work, or related areas. Desire to work with people in life-transforming ways. Ability to work with sensitivity in strongly African-Muslim context. Positive attitude, teachable spirit, flexibility. 

Term length: Three years

Wolof and French (language study provided)​



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