English Teacherhttps://www.mennonitemission.net/Serve/placements/international ministries/South Korea/10/English TeacherEnglish TeacherConnexus<p><strong></strong><strong>​Position Description:</strong>  Connexus Language Institute is seeking teachers who are interested in community, teaching English to children and learning about Korean culture and language. </p><p>Connexus is an English-teaching institutue with a community-focus teaching style, affiliated with the Korea Anabaptist Center. </p><p>Connexus works with children and families, creating an English training culture that is different from the typical local style that focuses on competition and force as part of the educational process. The concept extends beyond the classroom, with the restorative discipline mentality extending to parents and families. </p><p>Connexus began as an integral part of the Korea Anabaptist Center in Seoul, soon after the inauguration of KAC in 2001. For many years, Connexus was an academy for adult learners interested in improving their English conversation abilities. While a language academy using first language English speakers was relatively unique for some years, dropping registrations led to the financial necessity of finding a location outside the KAC location in central Seoul. </p><p>In late 2011, Connexus moved to the suburb of Deokso and developed a new education model focusing on children and families. Connexus hopes to incorporate peace education into English language teaching, including the possibility of offering a summer peace camp for students every August. Staff believe that the new focus will provide a more sustainable group of students for Connexus, and can become an opportunity for building a new kind of educational culture model in Korea.</p><p><strong>Term:</strong> 1 year<strong></strong></p><p><strong>Language:</strong>  English</p><p><strong>Teacher's Benefits:</strong>  Round trip ticket, monthy salary (1.5 million won), shared apartment with other staff, community meals, retreat and activities, Korean tutoring upon request.</p><div class="ExternalClass36FBEFE2098D4762ABC8831F4CFE7A58"><p>​<strong>Qualifications: </strong>must be at least 21 years of age; teaching experience and/or experience working with children; willingness to live in community; Anabaptist theological commitment helpful.</p></div>





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