Just Peace Pilgrimage

Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples Pilgrimage


8 days
Ages 18+, families of all ages
Just Peace Pilgrimage





https://www.mennonitemission.net/Serve/placements/just-peace-pilgrimage/United States/10/Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples Pilgrimage

Coming in 2025...

Become better acquainted with Indigenous Peoples, their connection to the land upon which we live, and the settler colonial history that has often been antagonistic to their culture, spirituality and way of life.

You and your community are invited to explore contemporary indigenous realities, histories of indigenous peoples and histories of indigenous-settler relations. What might it mean for your community to stand in solidarity with Indigenous Peoples and work towards reparation?

The goal of a pilgrim is not to solve but to search, not so much to help as to be present.

- From The “Practice of Pilgrimage” by Emmanuel Katongole and Chris Rice, Reconciling All Things, 2008.


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