Restorative Justice and Mediation Coordinator voluntary service/United States/120281/Restorative Justice and Mediation CoordinatorRestorative Justice and Mediation CoordinatorCenter for Restorative Programs <ul> <li>Assist director and program manager in all aspects of program implementation and development, with focused coordination responsibilities for one or more program areas.</li> <li>Work closely with roster of trained community volunteers.</li> <li>Responsibilities include case intake and follow-up; co-mediation; outreach to referral agencies; and assistance with skill trainings for youth and adults</li> <li>As skills allow, assist with technology needs of office, such as database maintenance, webpage updates, etc.</li></ul> <div class="ExternalClassA4C72A7AEDB544AB85C9648AEB9F45FE"><p> <strong>Qualifications:</strong><br> <ul> <li>BA or equivalent training/experience in social work, peace & justice studies, conflict transformation, and/or youth services</li> <li>Good communication skills, both written and oral</li> <li>Support a vision for volunteer-based restorative justice and mediation in local communities</li> <li>Information technology skills a plus</li> <li>Bilingual (English/Spanish) a plus</li></ul> </p></div>



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