Victim Offender Reconciliation Caseworker voluntary service/United States/520524/Victim Offender Reconciliation CaseworkerVictim Offender Reconciliation CaseworkerCenter for Community Justice<ul> <li>Enter case information into database and manage active caseload</li> <li>Conduct individual intake interviews with offenders and victims to determine their viewpoints and needs</li> <li>Facilitate mediation between court-ordered criminal offenders and their victims</li> <li>Write progress reports and provide verbal reports to referring judges and court staff</li> <li>Work with VORP staff to develop and implement restorative justice presentations to community and schools.</li> <li>Assist VORP staff wit planning and implement annual victim-offender mediation training</li> <li>Part time (20 hrs/wk) position</li> </ul><div class="ExternalClassAD79373B9F8045408E07BFF592DB2733"><p> <b>Qualifications</b><br> Bachelors degree. Strong written and verbal communication skills. Ability to listen actively and to understand conflictual situations from multiple view points. Strong interest in restorative justice and reconciliation work </p></div>



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