Community Health Nurse voluntary service/United States/527314/Community Health NurseCommunity Health NurseCounty Nursing Service<ul> <li>Function in collaboration with agency staff and other community workers. </li> <li>Receive professional direction from the nursing supervisor or consultant/specialist as well as administrative direction from the board of health. </li> <li>Teach and counsel individuals, families, and groups for the prevention of disease and disability, and for maintenance of health. </li> <li>Perform other related functions as required. </li> <li>Participate in community educational events and offer health education classes, as requested.</li> <li>Do outreach and home visits with a special focus on pre- and post-natal needs of mothers and infants</li></ul> <div class="ExternalClassBFC7D83F76D5426A8FFCEEADDECF9D85"><p> <strong>Qualifications:</strong><br> <ul> <li>Degree of Nursing (RN). </li> <li>Education--A baccalaureate degree in nursing from a school accredited by the National League for Nursing</li> <li>For expanded functions, the completion of an organized educational program in a specific clinical area is required. </li> <li>Knowledge of the practice of community health nursing. </li> <li>Knowledge of public health programs. </li> <li>Knowledge of the role of the professional nurse as team leader. </li> <li>Knowledge of interprofessional relationships in the implementation of programs. </li> <li>Knowledge of the use of community resources. </li> <li>Ability to provide skilled nursing care. </li> <li>Ability to set priorities and make judgments in regard to caseload management and level of skills appropriate for delegation of functions to associates on the health team. </li> <li>Ability to recognize the needs and concerns of people and to maintain constructive relationships in dealing with them. </li> <li>Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing. </li> <li>Ability to accept and utilize supervision. </li> <li>Current license to practice as a registered nurse in Colorado (or eligible). </li> <li>Special certification as appropriate </li> <li>Active drivers' license </li> <li>Open to regular travel for home visits </li> <li>Spanish fluency a plus </li> <li>Prefer one-year of hospital or broad community nursing experience</li></ul> </p></div>



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