Washington, District of Columbia

Administrative and Legal Intern

Catholic Charities DC -- Washington, District of Columbia

1- or 2-year term
Ages 20+
Mennonite Voluntary Service



"Interning at Catholic Charities gives me the best of both worlds when it comes to making a difference on immigration issues. I feel like I am impacting the lives of individual clients, while also engaging with key government and nonprofit players who change the way policy and practice affect clients." -Caitlin Brazill, Staff Attorney

Job Responsibilities:

  • Assisting attorneys with case preparation (filling out forms, copying original documents, drafting documents)
  • Conducting client interviews and intake
  • Communicating between eligible pro bono clients and Pro Bono Panel
  • Represent the agency in meetings with government officials
  • Assisting with basic legal research on specific cases and general immigration benefits
  • Event planning for community workshops and pro bono attorney/volunteer trainings
  • Summarizing client intake documents for weekly distribution to Pro Bono Panel
  • Opening and closing client files, managing paper file system and online client database system
  • Communication with staff and administrative tasks (filing, copying, placing orders)

The role of the volunteer comprises both legal and administrative tasks. The volunteer will assist the organization and his/her supervisor with case work and also work on the coordination of the pro-bono network regarding legal information distribution. The volunteer will interact daily with numerous attorneys, other interns and volunteers, and administrative staff. On a weekly basis the volunteer may also interact with outside attorneys, clients, and government officials. This position is a great opportunity to gain valuable skills and knowledge during his/her placement such as professional, organizational and interpersonal skills. This volunteering position will guide and demonstrate to the volunteer how immigration legal issues are handled, and how to complete general administrative tasks that will directly benefit his/her professional development. This position also offers opportunities to attend monthly trainings on immigration law, and to observe client intake and consultation, court proceedings, Homeland Security Public Engagement meetings, and additional meetings and sessions with USCIS, DHS, and ICE. The volunteer will undergo a full-day orientation to the office upon beginning the volunteer period.

Volunteer must have a passion for human rights and immigrant rights, and a strong interest in helping immigrant clients. Volunteer must have a Bachelor's degree from an accredited university. Volunteer must be independent, self-directed, and enthusiastic. Volunteer must be willing and able to work with numerous staff members, and under different attorneys/supervisors. Volunteer must be able to handle numerous projects and tasks at once. Volunteer must be able to prioritize tasks and projects and complete all work in a timely manner. English fluency is required and Spanish speaking skills are highly desired. Other languages (particularly French) are a plus. No driver's license or car is required.



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