Community Orientation Assistant Coordinator voluntary service/United States/534264/Community Orientation Assistant CoordinatorCommunity Orientation Assistant CoordinatorJewish Vocational Service<u>Primary Responsibilities:</u> <ul> <li>Present information about life in America to a very diverse group of refugees</li> <li>Assist in training newly-arrived refugees how to use the public bus system</li> <li>Conduct home visits to assess progress and identify problems for refugees in their first months</li> <li>Assist in the enrollment of refugee children in local public schools; participate as part of a team advocating for refugee children</li> </ul> </p><p> Position involves regular interaction with newly-arrived refugees, adults and children. This is an opportunity to have a significant positive impact upon people who, having fled their home country, are now embarking upon the confusing and daunting task of making a new life in America. The courage, humanity, and good humor of the clients as well as the regular and surprising revelations about human nature and the inherent strangeness of our own culture make this an anthropological immersion hard to match. </p><div class="ExternalClass0BE0E70A10364D6E8E06B47CDAC21E6E"><p> <strong>Qualifications</strong><br> Applicant should have an undergraduate degree (or equivalent life experience) as well as a strong interest in, and curiosity about, other cultures. </p><p> Intelligent, energetic, curious and compassionate - the ideal volunteer is someone who enjoys human nature in all its myriad manifestations, can communicate without a shared language, and has the perspective to appreciate the challenges facing refugees in America. </p></div>



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