Washington, District of Columbia

Communications Volunteer

Briya -- Washington, District of Columbia

1- or 2-year term
Ages 20+
Mennonite Voluntary Service



"Briya is a wonderful organization to be a part of. Staff and volunteers are encouraging to and supportive of students and of one another, creating a very positive environment."
-current volunteer

Primary Job Responsibilities:


  • Create written and photographic content for online media (including website, Facebook and Twitter) and print media that will engage key audiences
  • Solicit and write articles for and lay out monthly staff newsletter
  • Create fliers and other marketing materials for school programs
  • Strategize with staff on marketing of events and activities for the school

Daily/Weekly Interaction:
The volunteer will have the opportunity to interact with multicultural, bilingual staff daily. The volunteer will have some opportunities to interact directly with diverse adults who are learning English and their children who are in Briya's early childhood program.

Fulfilling Aspects of Position:
The volunteer will be able to further develop communications, administrative, and Spanish skills while contributing to and helping promote a vibrant, family-literacy-focused school. The volunteer will also learn about the variety of issues facing immigrant families and get to interact with staff and students from around the world.

Challenging Aspects of Position:
Organizational skills and the ability to prioritize well are necessary to balance many diverse tasks. Weekly organizational meetings are held but there is little daily supervision, so self-direction and the capacity to work well on one's own are vital.


  • Bachelor's degree in communications, marketing, fine arts, or related field
  • Excellent communication skills in English required and Spanish preferred.
  • Excellent interpersonal, problem-solving, analytical, and organizational skills.

Training Provided:
The volunteer will attend on-site and off-site trainings of particular need or interest to him/her.

Characteristics of Ideal Volunteer:

  • Highly organized
  • Self-directed
  • Flexible
  • Appreciates diversity



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