Community Bicycle Project voluntary service/United States/535063/Community Bicycle ProjectCommunity Bicycle ProjectPedal Power Bicycle Program<p> This placement may be flexible to include the two bike shops or just Pedal Power. The mission for Pedal Power: We give away bikes! Kind of. You can get help fixing your bike, learn to use cool tools, and help others fix their bike, or just hang out. The Work-to-Own program is available for any customer. For most of our clients, bicycles are their only transportation. </p><p> <b>Responsibilities: </b> <ul> <li>Service and repair bikes.</li> <li>Teach neighborhood kids and adults how to fix their bikes.</li> <li>Supervise adults/kids and volunteers.</li> <li>Work closely with persons who are usually grateful, sometimes frustrating.</li> <li>Keep up with daily paper work.</li> <li>Assist with promotions and communications.</li> <li>Attend board meetings for Pedal Power, participate in occasional weekend work days.</li> </ul> </p><p> Pedal Power works out of a garage near the MVS unit house. You will be closely engaged with the local community. Chain Reaction is downtown Goshen. All our clients drop in as they have need. It is difficult to predict what a typical day will look like, but it ought to be fun! </p><div class="ExternalClass280F80A4511642B4B7F04B6032582A44"><ul> <li>Mechanical aptitude required, must be able to use hand tools. Knowledgeable of bike repair helpful.</li> <li>Ability to work with persons of various backgrounds in terms of age, race, and socioeconomic status.</li> <li>Ability to organize, multi-task projects, manage chaos on occasion. Self directed, able to work by self, willing to take ownership in the shop (at Pedal Power).</li> <li>Good verbal communication skills. Ability to speak Spanish is helpful.</li> <li>Able to handle cash sales transactions.</li> </ul> </div>



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