Alamosa, Colorado

Health Associate

Alamosa County Public Health Department -- Alamosa, Colorado

1- or 2-year term
Ages 20+
Mennonite Voluntary Service



There are several projects, under various program supervisors, available to a Health Associate. They may be combined in different ways depending on agency need and the interests of the volunteer:

Public Health Nursing:

  1. Assist the Regional Epidemiologist establish and/or expand a surveillance system based on mobile phone (Android) platform, to survey schools for illness-related absences. This will provide a good regional baseline to track illness trends throughout the year. That information will help communicate with our healthcare coalition partners (hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities) about planning & resources related to disease response.
  2. Volunteer with our school-based screening, referral and education program called "CHAMP" (Coordinated Health Assessment and Management Program). This occurs with our school districts during school registration, and includes routine screenings, health histories, and immunization record reviews. Representatives from various healthcare partners are also available to discuss healthcare coverage, care planning, and other items pertinent to the child/family as indicated on their health histories and screening results. In addition to volunteering at the screening events, you would also help our PH Nurses coordinate/prepare for the events.

Home Health:

  1. Assist with communicating how changes coming into play for those with Medicare affect our patients, including what we need from referring physicians. This would likely be a series of communication tasks, giving the volunteer a great opportunity to talk with a range of medical providers and get an overall feel for how the home health world operates.
  2. Assist with Quality Assurance projects, based on our QA surveillance. The specific focus would depend on what we are seeing and what is needed to improve service quality.
  3. Home visit "ride alongs" with Home Health staff, as well as with Personal Care Providers and Options for Longterm Care staff ,can be incorporated into the volunteer's time. These visits include plenty of opportunities to speak Spanish in those settings.


  • Education in nursing, pre-med, social work or emergency medical services, and/or hands-on experience related to healthcare settings and issues a plus
  • Spanish language and/or experience with Latino cultures a plus
  • Flexibility to work on a range of projects and with a variety of staff throughout the week
  • Strong communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Strong computer skills, including work with databases
  • Able to relate easily to diverse populations and ages



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