Medical Quality Improvement Associate voluntary service/United States/535085/Medical Quality Improvement AssociateMedical Quality Improvement AssociateSt Elizabeth Health Center<p> <b>Job Duties:</b> <ul> <li>Work with health center Director of Quality Improvement and Medical Director and other members of the leadership team on ongoing quality improvement initiatives</li> <li>Areas of focus to include: <ol> <li>Assist in program monitoring for Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) initiatives</li> <li>Assist in monitoring data and process improvement related to Meaningful Use Electronic Health Record incentive program</li> <li>Assist in data collection/analysis and process improvement for clinical quality of care measures</li> </ol></li> <li>Specific tasks may include: <ol> <li>Provide internal quality reports to providers and other staff groups to encourage continuous improvement</li> <li>Use the electronic medical record to develop efficient systems to track quality measures and identify patients who are not meeting quality targets</li> <li>Perform data analysis on quality measure reports and reconcile with clinical data in the electronic health record (EHR)</li> <li>Periodically "shadow" providers to gain better understanding of clinical workflows and assist with workflow redesign where needed</li> <li>Learn how to run periodic data reports from EHR </li> <li>Communicate with patients by phone or in person at office visits regarding status of quality measures where no clinical decision-making is required (e.g. confirming appointments for testing, encouraging follow-up office visits, encouraging new patients register with clinic, etc.)</li> <li>Other administrative duties as requested</li> </ol></li> </ul> </p><div class="ExternalClassDCC624E9A2C94924A987D6A73EA9C6C2"><p> <b>Qualifications:</b> <ul> <li>B.A. or equivalent level of education</li> <li>Excellent computer skills <ol> <li>Ability to learn use of electronic medical record software, including advanced functions</li> <li>Experienced with use of Microsoft Office, especially Excel</li> </ol></li> <li>Ability to think creatively, good problem-solver</li> <li>Flexible, willing to take on a variety of tasks depending on the need</li> <li>Excellent communication skills - in person and by phone</li> <li>Self-motivated/self-directed - able to work independently to develop processes to meet project goals</li> <li>English/Spanish bilingual is preferred, but not required</li> </ul> </p> </div>



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