Educational Research Internship voluntary service/United States/535264/Educational Research InternshipEducational Research InternshipCenter for Urban Education Ministries<p> The mission of the Center is to connect and equip leaders with resources to develop innovative and effective Christian education ministries that nurture hope for children, youth, and families who live in urban areas. Through its Charlie Project, the Center is developing a pilot program to institute blended learning models into eight to twelve schools across the nation. In addition, we are seeking to assist churches and other social service institutions to develop top performing charter schools surrounded by community services. For more information on the work of the Center for Urban Education Ministries visit our website at <a href=""></a> </p><p> <b>Responsibilities</b> <ul> <li>Research innovative models in urban education including blended learning</li> <li>Contact and document specific school models</li> <li>Participate with founding team in defining and implementing the blended learning pilot program in NY</li> <li>Assist with other duties as needed</li> </ul> </p><div class="ExternalClass2FC730FE86A8447D9C19711985BE99BE"><ul> <li>Preferred background in education</li> <li>Excellent oral, written and communication skills</li> </ul> </div>



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