Family Advocate voluntary service/United States/535650/Family AdvocateFamily AdvocateRAICES<p> Working closely with the Shelter Director, the Family Advocate will work directly with the women and children who live at la Casa. The Family Advocate will assist the families as they work toward their goals of self-sufficiency and increased family well-being. <ul> <li>Represent la Casa and its mission and vision at all times in the community, among fellow service providers and through your work with the residents of la Casa;</li> <li>Expand awareness of la Casa, its services and its needs;</li> <li>Generate support among community members, stakeholders and volunteers;</li> <li>Maintain a schedule of staff and volunteers to complete house activities pursuant to the la Casa staffing schedule;</li> <li>Staff the house during regularly-scheduled shifts. During this time, the Family Advocate will be available to address the needs of all of the residents of the house. </li> <li>Promote a safe and cooperative atmosphere amongst residents.</li> <li>Assist non-shelter clients through referrals to other agencies or work opportunities.</li> <li>Recruit, train and manage community volunteers.</li> <li>Assist in the development and implementation of new programs.</li> <li>Attend weekly staff meetings.</li> <li>Attend community meetings on behalf of la Casa.</li> </ul> </p><div class="ExternalClassCC4D9B2896DC4D3EAEC66DDF33D67C3A"><p> Minimum B.A.<br> Proficiency in Spanish<br> Ability to complete tasks in a timely matter<br> Effective communication skills<br> Flexibility<br> </p><p> <b>Training:</b><br> Full training will be provided. </p></div>



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