Garden Coordinator and Educator voluntary service/United States/535988/Garden Coordinator and EducatorGarden Coordinator and EducatorVEGI (Valley Educational Gardens Initiative)<p> This position will provide garden science and nutrition education to primarily low-income children through the development of gardening and nutrition education in schools and summer programs. This position will also provide fresh produce to the Food Bank Network and Homeless Shelter to allow families in crisis to live with a healthier diet. </p><p> <b>Youth Education Responsibilities:</b><br> - Implement Garden-Science Curriculum for K-5 in classes and the garden at Alamosa Elementary<br> - Develop/ implement fun garden lessons and activities for Alamosa Elementary Summer School <br> - Develop, organize, and lead an educational 10-week summer garden camp for elementary age <br> - Develop lessons, activities and oversee children's groups that visit the garden in the summer<br> - Provide and operate a garden-related craft table for kids at the Alamosa Farmers Market </p><p> <b>Garden Operations:</b><br> - Oversee overall organic garden production at the Alamosa Elementary School Garden<br> - Oversee garden planning, prep, planting, weeding, watering, harvesting and distribution<br> </p><p> <b>Garden Coordination and Outreach:</b><br> - Manage social media, maintain relationships with local media outlets and contribute articles, photos and information about garden educational projects and events<br> - Create rapport with community by attending community events and making presentations, and planning special events such as Garden Kick-Off Dinner and Silent Auction, Stone Soup harvest vent, and other youth activities<br> </p><p> <b>Other Responsibilities:</b><br> - Participate in site-specific training, trainings relevant to rural hunger, poverty, homelessness, and educational barriers; join in community nights, retreats, and other activities specific to La Puente's volunteer community </p><div class="ExternalClassEC6334C503CE48058816BA416BC9ACCE"><p> <b>Required:</b><br> - BA/BS Degree or Significant Qualifying Experience<br> - Commitment to the missions of Valley Education Gardens Initiative and La Puente Home<br> - Experience and/or strong interest in gardening and food education<br> - Ability to work well with diverse groups of children and adults<br> - Excellent verbal and written communication skills<br> - Ability to work independently<br> </p><p> <b>Preferred:</b><br> - Experience with organic gardening/sustainable agriculture<br> - Proven leadership with group organizing, public speaking and event planning<br> - Strong organizational skills and multi-task management<br> - Basic Spanish language skills<br> - Two-year commitment to service placement<br> </p></div>



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