San Antonio, Texas

Director of After school program and Development Assistant

Inner City Development -- San Antonio, Texas

1- or 2-year term
Ages 20+
Mennonite Voluntary Service



The San Antonio unit is taking a sabbatical year off for the 2021-22 MVS year. 

Part I:
Fundraising support - 25% of the time

  • Putting together proposals for possible overall funding of programs or for beginning an endowment fund.
  • Making requests for funding or donations for particular projects, equipment, or supplies within programs.

Part II:
Assisting with and organizing events - 25% of the time

  • helping to produce or taking leadership to produce special events such as the Thanksgiving 365 project, the Christmas Toy Sale, the Country Dance and Silent Auction.

Part III:
Develop and direct an after-school reading program:

  • Recruit children to participate in the program. Target number of children is 24, grades 2-5.
  • Recruit and develop a core of volunteers from the neighborhood, area colleges, and churches.
  • Work with an assistant from the Incarnate Word Missionaries program to develop this program.
  • With a core team of volunteers, develop a schedule of activities that will enhance vocabulary: field trips, arts and crafts, special events, games, etc.
  • Develop a routine of active reading reading.



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