Reading Seed Intensive Program Assistant voluntary service/United States/537455/Reading Seed Intensive Program AssistantReading Seed Intensive Program AssistantLiteracy Connects<p> <b>Quotes: </b><br> <blockquote>"My children are super excited to get books after working with their Reading Seed coach. They love to share them with their friends! They have developed a true, and hopefully lasting, enjoyment of books". -Kindergarten teacher at Keeling </blockquote> </p><p> <blockquote>"Looking ahead to next year, I see my schedule getting busier and busier but I always say, 'I'm not going to drop this.' It's the most important thing that I do and it's such a positive thing. It just feels so good." -Joey Barbee, Kinder coach</blockquote> </p><p> <b>Primary duties: </b> <ul> <li>Provide reading coaching to children at each site as needed</li> <li>Provide support to volunteer reading coaches at local elementary schools</li> <li>Assist Program Coordinator in supplying and maintaining Program Resources </li> <li>Substitute for absent volunteers to ensure all students receive weekly coaching time</li> <li>Interact with teachers regarding unexpected schedule changes and any other inquiries</li> <li>Communicate and collaborate with Program Coordinator about challenges or concerns of school staff and volunteers</li> <li>Data entry and records management as needed</li> </ul> </p> <b>Description: </b><br> In this rewarding position, volunteers will interact with school staff, community volunteers and elementary school students on a daily basis. The Program Assistant works directly with students and also provides support for dedicated volunteers who are working one-on-one to help students achieve their literacy goals. This position provides a front row seat to the excitement of watching children grow and learn and challenge themselves as they build meaningful relationships with books and new identities as readers and learners . </p><p> Managing multiple priorities can be challenging, as can balancing the needs of the volunteers and the needs of the program. The program assistant needs to be flexible, open to interactions with many different people and tasks, and able to prioritize people interactions and tasks. </p><div class="ExternalClassE0CD66E572FF40628CC8927F40BFBE25"><p> <b>Educational Requirements: </b><br> College graduate required; background or interest in elementary education or community literacy a plus </p><p> <b>Training: </b><br> Eight hours of program training will be provided as well as additional onsite training; ongoing professional development </p><p> <b>Ideal candidate:</b> <ul> <li>Good at building relationships</li> <li>Great customer service skills</li> <li>Outgoing </li> <li>Flexible </li> <li>Self-Starter</li> <li>Detail-oriented</li> <li>Familiarity with children's literature</li> </ul> </p> </div>



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