Advocacy and Outreach Assistant voluntary service/United States/537473/Advocacy and Outreach AssistantAdvocacy and Outreach AssistantCompass Family Services<p> <strong>Organization: </strong><br> Compass Family Services helps homeless families and families at imminent risk for homelessness to achieve housing stability, family well-being, and self-sufficiency. We are the access point for any SF family facing a housing crisis and our services include emergency shelter, transitional housing, rental assistance, early childhood education, mental health support, in addition to a broad spectrum of counseling, parenting education, prevention, and support services. </p><p> <strong>Position Description:</strong><br> This position will develop an outreach strategy for Compass Family Services, especially the Drop-in Center. This position will educate the community on the variety of services offered at Compass Family Services by training Compass Family Resource Center parent leaders on effective outreach strategies and by directly conducting outreach at various service provider agencies. The intern may have the responsibilities of helping manage the housing crisis hotline, assisting in the operation of the drop in center, doing basic clerical work for the program, and conducting some research projects. He/she is also asked to provide crisis counseling on the hotline and in person, including assessing families' immediate needs and linking families with appropriate resources in the community. </p><p> <strong>Responsibilities and Projects:</strong> <ul> <li>Develop strong and detailed knowledge of all Compass Family Services programs.</li> <li>Orient families to the CCP resource center and help them to access these resources.</li> <li>Provide drop in services during scheduled drop in hours including provision of food, hygiene supplies, transportation assistance, and internal and external referrals. </li> <li>Research effective outreach strategies and create a structured outreach program. </li> <li>Train clients/parent leaders to conduct outreach for all Compass programs</li> <li>Conduct outreach in the field directly to families and at various service provider agencies</li> <li>Maintain positive interactions with families and partner service providers. </li> </ul> </p> <div class="ExternalClassF3AFE8997DD84588B0956D9B049F2EBD"><p> <strong>Preferred Qualifications:</strong> <ul> <li>Relevant Bachelor's degree or 4 years of relevant experience</li> <li>Excellent interpersonal, listening and communication skills. </li> <li>Ability to interact with diverse clients, co-workers and colleagues alike in a positive, constructive manner</li> <li>Proven leadership skills</li> <li>Outstanding work habits: punctual, reliable, cooperative, team-oriented</li> <li>Work or volunteer experience with homeless populations preferred. </li> <li>Bilingual Spanish preferred.</li> </ul> </p></div>



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