Food Systems Administrator voluntary service/United States/537708/Food Systems AdministratorFood Systems AdministratorElkhart County Food Council<p> The Elkhart County Food Council (ECFC) is seeking a qualified staff person to coordinate operational logistics for the Food Council as it works toward development of a more sustainable local food system. </p><p> Focusing on food production, food access & systems surrounding the local food-shed, ECFC acts as a connector and facilitator to support a healthy community. A vibrant united community based local food system is the target. </p><p> We are in need of a part time Food Systems Administrator to help coordinate and communicate with the board. Will also do research and market said information with stakeholders. The job is flexible and requires a self-starter. </p><p> <strong>Job Summary details:</strong> </p><ul><li><u>Coordination:</u> <ul><li>Work with ECFC Leadership coordinating meetings and events</li><li>Assist with agenda formation and outreach</li><li>Provide the necessary logistics to carry out events including acquiring locations and resources.</li></ul></li><li><u>Communication:</u> <ul><li>Attends and participates in meetings. </li><li>Takes minutes as directed. </li><li>Provides routine updates to FC Leadership</li></ul></li><li><u>Research:</u> <ul><li>Review existing food system resources & assets. </li><li>Assess, aggregate and map new assets. </li><li>Work with Webmaster to update assets keeping the website current</li><li>Research other Food Councils and share with ECFC Leadership possible improvements or opportunities</li><li>Review census reports and statistics as directed by the ECFC Leadership</li><li>Work with ECFC Leadership to gather outcome data measuring the success of ECFC interventions</li></ul></li><li><u>Marketing and Connecting with Stakeholders:</u> <ul><li>Work closely with ECFC Leadership to facilitate outreach methods including articles, advertising, fliers</li><li>Work with ECFC Leadership for fundraising opportunities.</li></ul></li></ul><p></p><div class="ExternalClassD9AC6A3EB830451DBD86CBECA85CB6B9"><p> <strong>Desired skills:</strong> </p><ul><li>Experience or strong familiarity with food systems</li><li>Familiar with food-related issues from a health, agriculture, access or hunger perspective; passionate about local food systems</li><li>Personal organization skills including digital files, e-mail & other communications</li><li>Ability to work independently</li><li>Comfortable with initiating conversations with FC Leadership and community stakeholders</li><li>Excellent writing and speaking skills</li><li>Culturally-sensitive and aware; cultural competency training helpful</li><li>Proficiencies in Spanish helpful</li></ul><p></p><p> <strong>Availability:</strong> </p><ul><li>Flexible schedule may be required. The bulk of the schedule could be primarily driven by this staff person.</li><li>Would need some transportation and phone to carry out job duties. Expenses would be reimbursed. </li><li>Works directly under supervision of ECFC Leadership. Who is available at any time for essential communications</li></ul><p></p> </div>



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