Employment Services Program Managerhttps://www.mennonitemission.net/Serve/placements/mennonite voluntary service/United States/538617/Employment Services Program ManagerEmployment Services Program ManagerFarming Hope<p> <b>Organization Description</b><br> Farming Hope is a social enterprise that employs and empower individuals at risk of or experiencing homelessness in garden and cooking work. We are turning the soup kitchen on its head, by hiring those who used to wait in line, to grow food and cook for others. We employ people through work shifts in urban gardens, catering, and pop up dinners. These provide opportunities for folks with different housing situations (unhoused and housed) to work side-by-side and build support networks. Our driving mission is to provide the tools for our employees to find better work and get toward career sustainability and their personal goals. Farming Hope started in California in the Stanford Design School business incubator in 2016, and has since expanded to two urban teams, in San Francisco and San Jose. The mission is inspired by farmers in El Salvador, where a similar program started years ago. We are a secular 501(c)3 organization, but we share buildings and values with diverse church communities in the area, and in a way we function like a church for people without a church. </p><p> <b>Position Description</b><br> The program manager would be one of two program managers overseeing the training, metrics, and job search aspects for our employees. That means most of their job would be spent supporting employees with our life coaching script and timeline while working for Farming Hope, as well as following up with graduates to track their success and offer organizational support when needed. This position is being added to ensure a higher likelihood of success in our employees' work to find full-time employment after working and training with Farming Hope, as well as offer more structured support for them while working with us. </p><p> About 60 percent of the program manager's time will be spent in these essential roles. The other 40 percent of their time will depend on the program manager's expertise and passions: either assisting lead urban gardening and landscaping work shifts and administration, or assisting lead cooking and kitchen work shifts and administration. As part of a young startup nonprofit, the role of program manager can and will be flexible to both the applicant's skill sets, and the organization's needs. </p><div class="ExternalClass260167278DE84D3EBA665E90BDD417DB"><p> <b>Qualifications</b><br> Primarily we are looking for people: <ul> <li>Self-starter: We give you the starting blocks for your role, but will not hold your hand day-to-day. We are building our organization and working with a population facing many challenges, so those who require a highly structured work environment would not flourish at Farming Hope.</li> <li>Lived experience, not just passion: Even if you are young and don't have much work experience, do you bring knowledge of gardening, cooking, or social services to our organization? Much of our role is teaching and training our homeless employees, which means our management staff contribute more when they bring in some experience in the field, or at least an ability to teach yourself quickly, so we are imparting knowledge and building a fruitful work environment for our transitional employees.</li> <li>Commitment to transformation: We want to empower those experiencing homelessness to be community leaders and contributors; we want our food system to be more sustainable for all; we want all our staff to think differently about charity and justice during their time with us. Sound like something you're interested in?</li> </ul> </p><p> Physical requirements are typical of jobs in gardens and kitchens, including standing for extended periods of time, bending over, lifting heavier objects, and spending time outdoors. Additional qualifications that are not necessary but benefit an applicant: Spanish language skills, ServSafe food safety certification, fundraising experience, landscaping or farming background. </p><p> College graduates who majored in social work, community development, psychology or social services may find this placement particularly in sync with their career and learning goals. However, no college experience nor particular degree is required nor should this dissuade anyone from applying. </p><p> *Farming Hope is an equal opportunity employer. We enthusiastically accept our responsibility to make employment decisions without regard to race, religious creed, color, age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, religion, marital status, medical condition as defined under State law, disability, military service, pregnancy, childbirth and related medical conditions or any other classification protected by federal, state, and/or local laws and ordinances. </p><p> Please visit <a href="http://farminghope.org/">farminghope.org</a> for more information.</div>



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