Joint SCR and RMC Position voluntary service/United States/538655/Joint SCR and RMC PositionJoint SCR and RMC PositionRainbow Mennonite Church<p> This position is a joint position shared between Rainbow Mennonite Church and Sharing Community in Rosedale, a nonprofit started by the church. All work will take place in the Rosedale neighborhood of Kansas City, KS where the MVS unit is located. </p><p> This MVS volunteer will be responsible for communicating directly with other volunteers from the respective organizations on occasion and will need to interact with children and youth on a regular basis. There is a lot of potential for building relationships with youth in this job, including on trips, sharing meals, in the classroom, and just having fun! It would be a great job for anyone interested in education or youth ministry. </p><p> The ins and outs of each day will change a lot throughout the course of the year and will vary depending on the events happening at the time so it is a great opportunity to be flexible and learn about event planning and youth in different settings. </p><p> The supervision for the position would be provided by the Executive Director of Sharing Community in Rosedale and the Youth and Outreach Ministries Director of Rainbow Mennonite Church. </p><p> <b>Sharing Community in Rosedale Responsibilities: </b> <ul> <li>Assist with the Wednesday afterschool program at the local middle school </li> <li>Help the research of/providing ideas for the curriculum for afterschool and summer programs.</li> <li>Work with the summer program, including working with students, administrative tasks, and planning.</li> <li>Assist in the administrative duties of afterschool programing, including keeping track of attendance and performance metrics </li> <li>Manage SCR's social media including blog and Facebook </li> </ul> </p><p> <b>Rainbow Mennonite Church Responsibilities </b><br> This position would assist staff and volunteers with the faith formation and outreach ministry of RMC. </p><p> Tasks for the faith formation portion would include: <ul> <li>Teaching Sunday School </li> <li>Researching and review potential curriculum options for Sunday School and Youth Group</li> <li>Nurturing relationships with youth through regular activities. </li> </ul> </p><p> Tasks for the outreach portion would include: <ul> <li>Coordinating the BackSnack program </li> <li>Helping with the Crossline Christmas Store</li> <li>Coordinating playground events</li> <li>Working with volunteers in the Rainbow Community Garden</li> </ul> </p><div class="ExternalClass879234D9761E4CF6B0C50E88FD0F929F"><p> <b>Qualifications</b> <ul> <li>Some college and/or relevant work experience</li> <li>Bilingual English/Spanish preferred</li> <li>Ability to work well as part of a team and with diverse communities</li> <li>Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills</li> <li>Excellent written and verbal skills</li> <li>Experience working with children and/or schools</li> <li>Commitment to mission of the Sharing Community and Rosedale and Rainbow Mennonite Church</li> </ul> </p> </div>



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