Tucson, Arizona

ELAA Program Assistant

Literacy Connects -- Tucson, Arizona

1 or 2 year term
Ages 20+
Mennonite Voluntary Service



​(ELAA = English Language Acquisition for Adults – more commonly known as ESL or English as a Second Language)

Agency description:
Our mission: Connecting people of all ages to a world of opportunities through literacy and creative expression.

Literacy Connects is a volunteer-driven Tucson nonprofit serving over 55,000 children and adults annually through literacy and arts programming that create solutions to many of society's most persistent problems. From reducing unemployment and poverty to increasing economic growth and opportunity, Literacy Connects helps us all turn the page to a brighter future!

While each of our programs use different delivery models to achieve our mission, they are unified in their focus on student-centered relationships, the use of a strength based approach, and the inclusion of joy as a central ingredient for transformational learning. We understand that while building skills is critical, shifting attitudes and behaviors is essential to long-term success. When people come to identify as learners, readers, writers, creatives, and empowered citizens, their resilience increases along with opportunities to help themselves and others. As the premier literacy hub of Southern AZ, we connect individuals and groups from across the community to work together for long-term social impact.

"I am so thrilled that I finally convinced myself to sign up as a volunteer with Literacy Connects. I had no idea that in addition to learning how to tutor English, I would also be gaining so many incredible insights into my community and making new friends. I feel as if I am doing something positive to counteract our current political situation. Thank you for all you do!" ~Volunteer

Primary duties:
The ELAA Program Assistant will work as an integral member of the Literacy Connects' ELAA team to deliver high-quality, free English Language classes and other learning opportunities to adult immigrants and refugees at libraries schools and community centers around Tucson. Duties include:

• Teach, tutor or assist (as ready) in 1-2 ELAA classes. Responsibilities include: creating classroom materials, facilitating small groups, individual tutoring and other duties as needed.
• Assist in the coordination and delivery of on-site special projects and classes for adult ELAA students, such as English learning opportunities for refugees in our community garden, employment-related workshops, ELAA student volunteer program and collaborations with our Youth Center programs.
• Provide occasional office support (e.g., data entry and record-keeping).

The ELAA Program Assistant will be joining a fun and positive team of four staff who believe Tucson is stronger because we welcome and support immigrants and refugees who are learning English and contributing to the community. The ELAA program offers classes year-round in over 20 locations throughout Tucson, serving over 1500 adults from more than 70 countries each year. Classes are taught by teams of well-trained and highly supported volunteers. The person in this position will have the rewarding experience of teaching/tutoring English language learners and helping to coordinate special projects that build on his/her strengths and interests.

Educational requirements:
College graduate required; background or interest in other languages, cultures and teaching preferred

12 hours of foundation training to be an ELAA tutor/teacher as well monthly continuing education via workshops, study groups and e-learning opportunities

Ideal candidate:
• Positive and enthusiastic – enjoys people and working on teams!
• Enjoys learning and practicing new skills – not afraid to make mistakes and learn from them
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Cross cultural sensitivity and respect – comfortable working with people from a wide range of experiences and backgrounds, including older adults
• Organized with good attention to detail and good follow-through



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