Tucson, Arizona

Youth Center Assistant Site Coordinator

Literacy Connects -- Tucson, Arizona

1 or 2 year term
Ages 20+
Mennonite Voluntary Service



Agency description:

Our mission: Connecting people of all ages to a world of opportunities through literacy and creative expression.

Literacy Connects is a volunteer-driven Tucson nonprofit serving over 55,000 children and adults annually through literacy and arts programming that create solutions to many of society's most persistent problems. From reducing unemployment and poverty to increasing economic growth and opportunity, Literacy Connects helps us all turn the page to a brighter future!

While each of our programs use different delivery models to achieve our mission, they are unified in their focus on student-centered relationships, the use of a strength based approach, and the inclusion of joy as a central ingredient for transformational learning. We understand that while building skills is critical, shifting attitudes and behaviors is essential to long-term success. When people come to identify as learners, readers, writers, creatives, and empowered citizens, their resilience increases along with opportunities to help themselves and others. As the premier literacy hub of Southern AZ, we connect individuals and groups from across the community to work together for long-term social impact.

Quote: "I feel a deep need to contribute to social justice on a local level. Literacy Connects is working to even the playing field in Tucson through education." ~Volunteer

Primary duties:

• Serve as a member of the Project Management team for a new Literacy and Arts after-school program for middle school students in a high-needs neighborhood
• Interface with middle school youth and their families within an after-school "drop-in" environment with a focus on literacy, theatre arts, and technology
• Assist in the creation and maintenance of project management tools and systems
• Build relationships through verbal and written communications with schools, neighbors, families, and youth for recruitment and engagement
• Work with the Community Food Bank to ensure compliance for a free-snack program
• Help with basic training and oversite of program volunteers


While Literacy Connects has been in operation since 2011, the Youth Center Assistant Site Coordinator is a new position in support of a pilot project for high-needs, middle school students in our new youth center. If this sort of adventure has you intrigued, we could be off to a good start! In this role, you would be part of a small team responsible for creating systems, developing relationships, and overseeing programming involving theatre, film, cultural literacy, and story sharing. This is not a direct instruction role, but rather this position will be responsible for monitoring students, assuring compliance with policies, and being on-site to create a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment. This position will help us build capacity with recruitment through creative outreach and relationship building. Our campus is in the heart of a low-economic neighborhood with a high refugee population. The team you would be joining has expertise in education, arts, technology, and entrepreneurship. What diverse skills could you contribute?

Educational Requirements:

College graduate required; background or interest in project management, intermediate education, community engagement, literacy and the Arts, and/or communications and outreach.


Certification through the Community Food Bank; onsite safety and policy training; ongoing professional development for after-school professionals as available.

Ideal candidate:

• Innovative, adaptable, confident, self-motivated, and adventurous
• Collaborative, outgoing, and comfortable contributing ideas
• Highly organized with the ability to initiate, plan, and prioritize tasks



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