Alamosa, Colorado

Land and Education Coordinator

Rio Grande Farm Park -- Alamosa, Colorado

1 or 2 year term
Ages 20+
Mennonite Voluntary Service



Purpose of position:  The Rio Grande Farm Park (RGFP) Land and Education Coordinator is an immersion experience into agriculture and local food systems. The coordinator will primarily assist the RGFP Leadership Team in managing the farm park. This will involve working with farmers, family gardeners, community stakeholders, and volunteers to ensure the farmers' needs are met and park projects are maintained. The coordinator will also support the development and implementation of RGFP's regenerative agricultural education programming. One day each week, the coordinator will work with the SLVLFC Administrative Office in a supportive accounting role.

Major responsibilities:

  • Assist RGFP Farm Manager with land projects, addressing farmer and family gardener needs, and other farm activities as needed. Tasks might include maintenance and care of land, tools, sheds; tree and orchard care; lawn care in nature play area; field work; irrigation system maintenance; harvesting and planting.
  • Assist in managing RGFP farm interns and volunteers, including monthly volunteer workdays.
  • Promote restorative agricultural techniques that rebuild the soil and ecosystem of the San Luis Valley while learning the interplay of ecology and farming.
  • Help develop and deliver regenerative agricultural education curriculum for youth and community members; incorporate regenerative agriculture and soil health into education curriculum.
  • Develop, plan, and occasionally deliver farmer education workshops with help from experts and partners (primarily during off-season).
  • Assist with farm stand and Farm to Pantry projects.
  • Assist with program evaluation and data collection, primarily with irrigation, land and farmer data; develop data collection tools for farmers.
  • Commit one day a week to the administration to support the accounting functions of the organization. These will include running balance sheets to determine unrestricted fund numbers, invoice submittal, QuickBooks Online with Chart of Account and Class clean up, financial report reviews and annual budget preparation.
  • SLVLFC encourages all service members to commit a portion of their time to professional development. Leadership will inform and invite service members to opportunities, but it is also up to the individual members to seek out opportunities that interest them. For this position, opportunities should be sought out primarily in the off-season.

This position will report to RGFP Leadership Team, both the RGFP Farm Manager (for farm projects) and the RGFP Program Director (for non-farm projects) and finally to the LFC Director for accounting work. Timesheets will be used to track time spent on certain programs and projects. RGFP leadership will regularly check in with the coordinator to ensure they are able to achieve the tasks given to them and are benefiting from the experience provided by the various programs.



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