Alamosa, Colorado

Rio Grande Health Associate

Rio Grande Hospital and Clinics -- Alamosa, Colorado

1- or 2-year term
Ages 20+
Mennonite Voluntary Service

 voluntary service/United States/542511/Rio Grande Health Associate

​Description of the organization and its work: 

Rio Grande Hospital carries on a long tradition of rural hospital services begun in Del Norte by St. Joseph's Hospital in 1907. Located in the western end of the San Luis Valley, the hospital and its clinics serve a diverse population living in this high-poverty region of southern Colorado, as well as those traveling to and through this crossroads of the Rocky Mountains. Access to healthcare in the San Luis Valley is often limited by barriers such as economics, transportation, and cultural dis-ease with institutional providers. Rio Grande Hospital and its dispersed and specialty clinics play a vital role in maximizing healthcare access and options for this rural area.


Description of proposed placement work tasks:

This position is designed for someone who has completed pre-med or similar healthcare focused training and wants to explore their interests in further medical training. There are several projects, under the supervision of Dr. J. Ely Walker, available, which may be combined in different ways depending on agency needs and the interests of the volunteer. Primary medical focus areas include:


Emergency Medicine

Assist Dr. Walker and other hospital Emergency Services personnel with one or more Emergency Room daytime shifts per week. Provide emergency services directly to patients in accordance with the Health Associate's available EMT credentials and hospital protocols


Recovery Clinic

Assist Dr. Walker and other Recovery Clinic personnel with a range of services.  This innovative specialty clinic is dedicated to the treatment and recovery of those suffering from substance use or other addictions, with a special emphasis on trauma-informed and wrap-around care. Activities may include a range of projects such as: research study investigator, digital media development and outreach, and wrap-around case management


Qualifications (education, experience, bi-lingual, technology):

  • Education in pre-med, emergency medical services, and/or hands-on experience related to healthcare settings and issues a plus
  • Spanish language and/or experience with Latino cultures a plus
  • Flexibility to work on a range of projects and with a variety of staff throughout the week
  • Strong communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Strong computer skills, including work with databases and digital media tools
  • Able to relate easily to diverse populations and ages
  • EMT certification required for certain specific clinical opportunities



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