Anchorage, Alaska

Service Adventure Anchorage Unit Leader

-- Anchorage, Alaska

2-3 year term
Ages 24+
Service Adventure

 adventure/United States/10/Service Adventure Anchorage Unit Leader

​Service Adventure gives young adults a 10-month adventure in service, learning and growing spiritually. Participants live in community with other young adults and a house leader at various locations around the country. Together with a sponsoring church, participants and unit leaders have opportunities to see God at work in the world and to discover how they fit into that work. The role of the unit leader is to mentor the young adults in the household and to provide some oversight to house activities.

  • Ages: 24+
  • Length of term: 2+ years
  • Be willing and able to relate appropriately in a household living situation.
  • Have the emotional stability and maturity to function effectively in community and work settings and in a cross-cultural environment.
  • Ability to challenge youth in their faith formation, provide spiritual guidance, and have the desire/ability to mentor youth and young adults.
  • Commit to participate in the life of a supporting congregation, lead/receive spiritual guidance, pray for and nurture each other spiritually.
  • Commit to live in accordance with the Lifestyle Expectations.



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