Anchorage, Alaska

Food Bank Warehouse Assistant

Food Bank of Alaska -- Anchorage, Alaska

10-month term
Ages 17–20
Service Adventure

 adventure/United States/513625/Food Bank Warehouse Assistant

The Food Bank of Alaska provides food to the entire state of Alaska in an effort to prevent hunger. -This position involves gathering, packaging, organizing, storing, and dispersing food products to agencies that use the food to feed those who do not have adequate resources to meet their nutritional needs. In this position you will have a lot hands on work and help to both disperse food to local agencies who come to the warehouse to pick up their food, or package food to be sent out to bush Alaska. An interesting aspect of this work is meeting and working with individuals from a local halfway house who are doing their communtiy service with the Food Bank of Alaska. Other than this interaction, this is a job that is "behind the scenes" although very necessary to meeting the hunger needs of Alaskans. If you are the kind of person who does not like sitting at a desk, this may be a good opportunity for you. (full time)



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