Anchorage, Alaska

Bureau of Land Management Volunteer

Bureau of Land Management -- Anchorage, Alaska

10-month term
Ages 17–20
Service Adventure



Characteristics needed: Enjoy working outside on a daily basis in varied and harsh weather conditions. Possess a strong work ethic and enjoy working hard each day. Ability to comfortably operate various machines such as snowmobiles, all terrain-vehicles, four-wheel drive trucks, and chainsaws, is desirable. Basic computer skills beneficial. Willing to learn new skills and participate in trainings. Ability to work independently with self-initiative. Latitude to adapt some responsibilities to specific interests. Ability to bike to/from work in all seasons with a provided Bureau of Land Management bike. Weekly routines are varied and seasonally based including: clearing brush from trails, cutting and splitting firewood, greeting and helping the public, painting, sanding, digging, construction, intensive maintenance of motor vehicles. Opportunities exist for assisting with outdoor events around Anchorage as well as possible overnight trips outside of Anchorage. The opportunity to work at a BLM managed educational science center also exists. 



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