Anchorage, Alaska

Children's Lunchbox Assistant

Children's Lunchbox -- Anchorage, Alaska

10-month term
Ages 17–20
Service Adventure

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Children's Lunchbox is a non-profit that makes and delivers nutritious meals to children and teens that live in the lowest income areas of Anchorage. This program believes that the foundation of a strong community is healthy children and that children must be adequately fed every day to reach their full potential. The workers at Children's Lunchbox feel that a well-fed child will do better in school and will have a better chance to live life productively. As a volunteer, your main responsibilities include helping to prepare lunches and delivering them to agencies that distribute them. You will work in collaboration with the Anchorage School District, Camp Fire, and the Boys and Girls Clubs to ensure children are fed in a supervised and safe environment. (part-time)



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