Anchorage, Alaska

Kids Corps Teacher Assistant

Kids' Corps Inc -- Anchorage, Alaska

10-month term
Ages 17–20
Service Adventure

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Kids' Corps, Inc. is a non-profit Anchorage, Alaska based Head Start preschool agency. Our mission is to provide a head start to families with children who need it most. Our goal is to work closely with parents to make sure their child learns and grows in a safe, nurturing environment. Our program philosophy is: To provide a quality program by making the most of resources available. To provide a comprehensive program to children and families which promotes sound physical, social, and emotional growth. To be open to the diversity and uniqueness of the children and families we serve. To keep families at the center of decision making for their children and to help families help themselves. Volunteers help in the classrooms role modeling self help skills and assist teachers with projects. They work one on one with children that need a little extra attention to achieve a skill or gain a sense of confidence and well being. Just reading a story to a small group of children has so many benefits. Lots of conversations give children vocabulary words, concepts, ideas, imagination and helps them be kindergarten ready. Part-time and full-time. Kids' Corp. Inc. Alaska Based Head Start Agency



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