Ministries Assistant adventure/United States/537053/Ministries AssistantMinistries AssistantStewpotStewpot is an Inter-Faith ministry providing for the basic needs of those who are homeless and/or impoverished, with an emphasis on children, and individuals who have mental and/or physical limitations, offering assistance with their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. Stewpot provides a place for everyone to express their own ministry through volunteer efforts and/or financial contributions regardless of their faith, tradition, or personal limitations with the knowledge that everyone has something to offer others. Read more about Stewpot at <a href="">Stewpot</a> Some of the work participants will do includes working in the food pantry (helping sort food and distribute to those in need), tutoring in afterschool program, serving lunch to those that come each day, etc. There will be a chance to see and participate in activities where there is need and that interests participants. A good deal of time will be spent with the children in the afterschool program because so much attention is needed for these very special kids.



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