Jackson, Mississippi

Transition Home Assistant

Wingard Home Ministries -- Jackson, Mississippi

10-month term
Ages 17–20
Service Adventure





https://www.mennonitemission.net/Serve/placements/service adventure/United States/538800/Transition Home Assistant

Wingard Home is a long term transition home for the homeless and displaced of Jackson, Mississippi, and the surrounding area. Dedicated to keeping family units intact, Wingard Home takes a holistic approach to help guests get back on their feet. Since 1990, Wingard has provided safe, secure housing in a supportive Christian environment, with healthy meals and snacks, clothing, job, medical, social service referrals, and transportation. A volunteer at Wingard will operate in many roles from organizing the food pantry and clothing closet, helping prepare meals, caring for the grounds, interacting with guests, working in the office, and assisting with special projects. Wingard will provide a unique opportunity for someone who wants a variety of experiences in a holistic Christian ministry with an established track record. For more information, visit their website at Wingard Home



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