Evansburg, Alberta

SOOP Brightwood Ranch

-- Evansburg, Alberta

Flexible term
Ages 25+





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Brightwood Ranch is a Christian camp ministry that is part of Hope Mission's team of preventative ministries. We provide camps for inner city children and youth. We are located on 220 acres of trees and rolling hills about one hour west of Edmonton. Our greatest need for volunteers is during July and August when we run summer camps. During this time volunteers might assist with kitchen work, grounds-keeping, office work, nursing responsibilities, or leading camp activities. During other parts of the year we may accept volunteers who can assist us with maintenance projects. 

Lodging: Accommodations and meals will vary depending on the time of year, availability, and our current staff (for example, during the summer we can provide meals from our dining hall, but in other seasons we cannot). We appreciate our volunteers and we will make your stay as comfortable as we can. Specific details will need to be discussed at the time of inquiry. 




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